If you want to improve Chinese language skills and exprience different cultures with Mandarin Inn, come and join us by the following steps:

Step 1

Sign up to Mandarin Inn. Choose a course intensity that matches your Chinese learning goals.

Step 2

Book your Chinese classes based on HSK level. Choose the date, time or Chinese topic of Mandarin lessons.

Step 3

Download the lesson plans and Chinese materials before class. And start learning with highly qualified Chinese teachers.


+ Studying

Q1: How do I determine my level before I start the class?

If you are not certain which level is suitable for you, you may take the assessment to check your level.(Placement test) You will find the 'assess my level’ when booking a trial class.

Q2: Can I change my level?

Yes, it’s possible to change your class level in “my profile”,and choose: “change my level”

Q3: How long do I need to complete one level?

It depends. Like learning any new skills, your progress depends on your efforts. If you want to learn fast, then we recommend that you make language learning a consistent habit. Also, it’s suggested to focus on and participate in the class, to complete the downloadable learning materials after each class for the best effect. It also depends on the MIC plan you choose, as some of our plans are more intensive than others. Generally speaking, if you have four classes a week, you can usually complete a level in 3-4 weeks; if you take one class a week, it will take 2-3 months to complete a level.

Q4: Is there a certificate issued after I have completed one level?

After you’ve completed 90% of all classes in a level, you will be able to download a certificate of completion in 'my course/my profile’.. You can download your class attendace records stating the class hours learnt and the learning period anytime. (这两个还没完成)

Q5: Is there a level test after each level?

You could find the quiz in e-learning and do the levelling test.

Q6: How many students in one class normally?

At present, there will be 2-5 students in one group class.

Q7: What learning content do I expect to receive from MIC?

You will be able to learn and practice listening and speaking, grammar and Chinese characters.

Q8: Is there learning material included?

We have our self-developed learning material available. Students could download the learning material once you have booked one class.

Q9: Is there homework assignment? How can I review the class?

Yes, teacher will assign you homework; plus you could review the class using our E-Learning platform.

Q10: Will my teacher give me feedback after the class?

Yes, after you have given your feedback to your teacher, you will be able to see the class feedback from your teacher.

Q11: Do I have access to the recorded video of the class?

Sorry, the class video is for quality control purpose. We do not provide it to students after class.

Q12: Concretely, what happens in a class?

At MIC, you will experience the same classroom effects as offline classes, and at the same time, you will get a more efficient and data-based class management experience than offline classes. In general, you can always choose a course that suits your level, and book a class at a time that suits you. At your scheduled time, attend the class on time through zoom, our experienced professional teachers will conduct interactive teaching in real time, you can download all the course materials, and do after-class exercises and tests. After each class, your teacher will give you class feedback, and you can always check your class records and learning progress at any time.

Q13: What is teachers’ qualification?

All the teachers in MIC are Chinese native speakers with many years of experience in international Chinese teaching. They all have relevant teaching certificates or have received professional teaching training. You can fully experience their professionalism in class.

Q14: What is the language spoken by the teacher on class?

Teacher will speak Chinese most of the time. For complexed grammars and rules, teacher will use English to explain.

+ Class management

Q1: How to book a group class?

If you follow a group class plan, click 'book class’ - choose the class time frame (you can switch your time zone) - select the classes you can take.

Q2: How to book a private class?

If you follow a private class plan, click 'book class’, select the class time (you can switch your time zone) - select the subject of the class you want to take.

Q3: Can I take private classes, even if I have bought a group package?

Yes, it’s possible. Even if you are following a group class plan, you can take private classes. One private class will consume 2 group class points.

Q4: Is it possible to make a customized class? How do I book it?

Yes, it’s possible.If you follow a group class plan,you could choose to book a private class. 1 private class point = 2 group class points. If you are following a private class plan, just choose topic: “customized class” when booking classes.

Q5: I booked the course, how do I get into the class afterwards?

You can view your 'booked class’ in 'My class’. Click 'attend’ to get access to your class when it is time.

Q6: Can I take the same class again repeatedly?

Yes, it’s possible. You may choose the same class topic and content, however the teacher might be different.

Q7: If I book a class by mistake, can I cancel it?

After you’ve booked a class, you have 1 hour time to cancel the booked class without being deducted your class points.

Q8: Can I cancel my booked class any time?

Yes, it’s possible to cancel your booked class. If the cancellation is made 72 hours or more before the class starting time, the class points will automatically be returned to your account. If the cancellation is made within 72 hours of class starting, the class points could not be returned to your account unfortunately.

Q9: Can I reschedule my class?

Yes, it’s possible. You need to first cancel your class booked, and then you can book the new class. Please keep in mind to make the class cancelling 72 hours or more before class starting, so that your class points will be returned to your account for your new booking.

Q10: If I am late to a class what should I do?

Teacher will close the virtual classroom 10 minutes after the class starting time, as far as you enter the class in the first 10 minutes, it doesn’t matter.

Q11: What if the teacher doesn’t show up on my class?

It may happen that teacher are late for a few minutes in case of bad weather or traffic or any other unpredicted circumstances. Please allow for a maximum waiting time of 10 minutes. If the teacher doesn’t show up in 10 minutes, this class will not be counted, and the class points of this class will be returned to your account automatically.

Q12: If I miss a class, what should I do?

Running late on the way home from work, being stuck in traffic, a meeting took longer than expected… life happens daily. This may make you wonder what happens if one of these everyday life scenarios makes you miss a class you booked. The good news is that you will be able to simply rebook the class you missed so you have another chance to dedicate yourself to the topic in order to not miss out on learning progress. However, whenever you book a class we are planning for your capacity. If you take group classes, your booking reserves you a seat in the class you chose. If you take private classes, a dedicated teacher takes your class and prepares the lesson. Due to expecting your presence, we are not able to refund points when classes were missed by a student. In order to prevent this from happening, making sure to book your classes at a time of the day when you are free and where you do not have to rush to be ready to study in time helps greatly. Also, if you study with a relaxed mindset, learning comes much more easily.

Q13: How is the class points consumed?

One group class consumes one class point. One private class consumes two class points.

Q14: How to find how many remaining classes I have left?

Find 'my account’ -> find 'my remaining class points'.

Q15: How to find my learning progress?

You can see the percentage of courses you have completed within your level in My Class, or you can view specific courses you have completed in My course. In addition, you can also see the numbers of classes taken and class schedule in the summary.

+ Account and payment
+ Troubleshooting

Q1: What preparations do I need before taking a class?

A good and stable internet connection, a PC (preferred)/ tab /smart phone in good condition, the app 'ZOOM’ installed and tested beforehand, a quiet environment suitable for learning, properly dressed as a learner.